Ipas2 – What is it?

Ipas2 System is broken down to the Internet Prospect Acceleration System

In looking at a full review of what the Ipas2 system funnel is about, let’s talk briefly on the history, the founders, and what it takes in putting the online marketing system together.

The creators, Chris Jones and Chris Campbell have been putting this marketing system since before April 2011, and have worked together to make the best streamline system and training for the new to the advanced online marketer.

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While this was originally offered to the Prosperity Team, it is now for any team member and anyone that wants to use the system.

You can use the iPas2 system and promote any business, yet the exclusive back end product is Empower Network. This collection of tools has been tested and masterminded.

IPas2 system has been in testing since before January 2014 and now is able to get into a fully launch by September 2014.

The system is built upon 3 principles that every business vitally needs:

  1. System
  2. Leverage
  3. Automation

Once you see this mapped out fully, you’ll see how crafted these marketers are in introducing new people that have no prior knowledge to marketing.

Ipas2 Features and Benefits

See some of the features and benefits of this Internet Prospect Acceleration System, which is what Ipas stand for.

  • Creating success to the masses and train to become master marketers.
  • Ability to create multiple streams of income on complete autopilot that is laid out systematically.
  • High Volume traffic resources that brings more leads and sales.
  • High quality training and professional trained business coaches and assistants to upsell your prospects without taking a percentage of the sale
  • Real time campaign tracking to avoid loosing and wasting money on what is not working
  • Daily live marketing training so you know what to do inside your business.
  • Weekly live new member training that will create a culture that your team will feel a sense of belonging-ness.
  • Customize a team resource page, so they know who their sponsor is and someone to contact in setting up their business.
  • Huge Community of Support
  • Available to the masses!
  • The latest cutting edge technology to create a winning funnel formula for the new marketer to the advance making high converting funnels online.

iPas2 Dashboard and BackofficeIpas2 Inside Demonstration – What’s inside

See more pics and insights when you click HERE.

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17 Video Creation Tools


Tons of people was asking how I made some neat graphics with my video, so I thought I would share with you my favorites and more resources so you can have some fun too with all these 17 video creation tools.

So here is a list of my favorites and so go have fun testing!

1. Stupeflix!

We have fun with these themes and adding the fun music that is ready for us. You can also upload your own music and videos and really customize it. It's really easy and fast to do too that I have even have my daughter making hers too!

Watch my preview of all the different tools you can use to create a video:

2. Animoto

3. Prezi

Prezi is similar to a PowerPoint presentation. It makes it more interactive with a different look to it. So change up those plain boring presentations with this platform!


4. Photosnack

This platform is more like a gallery for photographers to make it clean looking. So be creative when adding your pictures with music to this platform. There are also apps that come in this platform is similar.


5. Mixbook

Yes, this is a scrapbook site. Yet I thought it would be creative to create unique pictures that you can add to your videos. There are several more scrapbook sites, so this was just an extra idea for ya.

6. Kizoa

This looks like a site that more countries can enjoy the benefits of a video template site. Simply add your pictures, slide shows, videos to insert to their template for a fun video.


7. Dvolver - MovieMaker

What can I say, classic? Make a plain video inside this platform. Download the real software of movie maker. This site allows you to pick background, certain character's and a short conversation. Fun to be short and creative! This is a short example of their embedded video. You can not download the video for other sites.

Read more: http://www.2asuccessdreamblog.com/17-video-creation-tools/#ixzz3BVrTBqRm

Top Producer Formula Bonuses


Did you see what's inside?

These Bonuses end Aug. 23rd, so your time is NOW!

Top Producer Formula Review


Why Did Top Producer Formula Be Created?

The Top Producer Formula was created in Seattle, WA at the first regional Impact event of Empower Network back in May 2014. This is focused on helping leaders truly get to the top producer in the industry of network marketing. When you study the industry of how you start a business from brand new and no experience to become a top producer, there are certain formula’s that each of the leaders used.

This is not based on luck, as many have thought that they are lucky to be in the spot they are as being a top producer.

Why Top Producer Formula?

The Top Producer Formula was created to help people with the learning curve of understanding the basic concepts and strategies of building successful organizations.
You do not need to be in network marketing to excel in using the concepts taught in this product. You can use this training to help your own business, team and employees get more involved in becoming a top producer.

What Is Inside the Top Producer Formula?

There are 9 modules that are in sync together that formulates the top producer formula. What is so exciting about the Top Producer Formula is how they launch it to the public in what is called a micro-launch.

The micro-launch is a unique launch schedule that releases new value to the public in a certain timeline that will show the product in the most entirety.
There will be several options to take you inside the sales funnel of the back in products of the Top Producer Formula. Like most sales funnels, there is a small, middle and high end priced products.

So take the first step and be sure to catch it LIVE as the launch will only take on the fast taker beginner discounts. Once it’s launched, the special pricing will no longer be offered.

The LIVE dates to note is August 23, 2014. So be sure to attend this LIVE event to see the neat technology advances to a live sales presentation!

Join HERE for the LIVE Top Producer Formula Event.

Read more: http://www.2asuccessdreamblog.com/top-producer-formula-review/#ixzz3ANUHYhl1

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Black Hat is Back Special


Watch to see the Black Hat Special:

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