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Before you even see the new platform, commit to the 21 day blogging challenge!

Check out some cool features from one of the Alpha testers:

1. Ummmmm OK Video theme in Kalatu.....SICK SICK SICK Yes....that is a VIDEO not an image of LISA with shades on. It's an actual VIDEO.

2. Built In Title Generator With New KALATU Blogging System!

3. OHHHHHHH New Sexy Social Media Sidebar Banner was just added to Kalatu -- Anyone having a Blogasm right now? I know I am lol

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Introducing the new blogging platform

Chris Record introduces Empower Network’s new blogging platform

If you missed the Orlando event, you missed some awesome information... It would be nearly impossible for us to clue you in on everything, but what was shared was so powerful we had to let everyone in on it!

Chris shared with us a brief overview of Empower Network’s new blogging platform.

As you might have heard, we’re converting to back to WordPress...

Why go back to WordPress? Because WordPress helps you get ranked.

Our new blogging platform is going to have a variety of different themes that any business can use. We also created a theme editor that is simple and easy to use.

Gone are the days of breaking your site with bad code. Our new, easy-to-use system doesn’t need any code!

Gone are the days of trying to edit your site, having to make it live and then going to view it and continuing that cycle until you get it right. In the new system, you can view the edits as you make them, before they go live!

Something else we’re super excited to share with everyone: the new plugins we’re creating. If you don’t  know what plugins are, they are sets of software that will add different features and abilities to your blog. Here’s a list of some of the top must-have plugins for your new blog.

  • Empowered Image Widget – You won’t have to deal with WordPress’ third-party profile site!

  • Empowered Popups – One of the best ways to advertise to your list

  • Empowered Google Analytics – We made setting up analytics easy!

  • Empowered Post Ads – Control all of your ads from ONE spot!


Chris let us in on something else we know you will all be hyped about, and it has to do with domain names.

Before, you were forced to use as a domain name. Now, that’s not even an option! You will be choosing your own domain name and the category it falls under. We’re on a mission to make this blogging platform as SEO-friendly as possible.

Now, there is always going to be debate about subfolders and subdomain names, and which is better. Empower Network is going to go back to using subfolders in the new blogging system because subdomain names are treated like new sites whereas subfolders are more like a category of a larger website.


Also, we will have homepage directories for each domain category that will feature different blogs daily. Think of all the link popularity this will bring to your blog!


Having posts in multiple languages will now be easier than ever. When you write blog posts in multiple languages on one blog and when people come to your site, they will be able to filter the posts by what language they’re written in.

There are going to be new customer-friendly email followups associated with the new system – no longer will Dave Wood be calling everyone a wussy. When you sell someone on the blogging platform, they will be sent an email offering them a free webinar that will introduce them to the Empower Network affiliate package.

If you see something on another website – something like a feature, a plug-in or a theme you wish Empower Network had – don’t just wish it, submit it! Submit your request to us and, as time permits, we will start building them out for you.

As you can tell, we’re very excited to get this blogging platform out for everyone to use, and while we can’t give you the exact date the blogging platform will be available, we can tell you what the process looks like.

  • Alpha testers – This group of testers has already gotten to work trying to find any bugs that we need to hammer out.

  • Beta testers – Once we fix what the Alpha testers find, the beta testers will come in. We’ll let in pods of beta testers (everyone who attended the Orlando event or the live stream, starting with the VIPs) 500 at a time.

  • Everyone else – Once all the beta testers are in and we see everything running smoothly, EVERYONE will be invited in.

Empower Network, are you ready for the new blogging platform? Are you as excited as we are? What are you hoping to see on the new platform?

Let us know your thoughts!

Appreciate you,



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"Think Big"

Unpacking the traits of who can and should be an entrepreneur

In the words of the successful entrepreneur Donald Trump, “You have to think anyway, so why not think big?”


If you consider “thinking” and “thinking big” synonymous, entrepreneurship just may be in the cards for your future.


When making a good living just isn’t enough and the desire to do something “big” emerges, consider entrepreneurship. Consider entrepreneurship to make a statement, and leave your mark on the world.


Take off that suit jacket, pack up your cubicle, rekindle your passion and let your imagination soar!


Finally take that idea you’ve had for ages and invent it before someone else does. The time has come to turn your passion into action.


>>>>Passion is essential<<<<—without it life is meaningless. Anyone with the vision and motivation to turn a passion into something tangible and useful can, and should, pursue entrepreneurialism.


This attitude warrants the willingness to go the extra 10 miles without the assurance of ever actually getting anywhere and the realization that it isn’t going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it.


A potential entrepreneur must exhibit a few quintessential characteristics. First, a successful entrepreneur knows when enough is enough and when to “just say no.”  


They understand and accept that you're going to win some, you're going to lose some and sometimes you have to “lose the battle to win the war.”


Second, when things don’t always go “as planned,” which they almost never do, flexibility and adaptability to change become imperative. Positive reactions to twists of fate separate successful entrepreneurs from their unsuccessful counterparts.


If you succeed as an entrepreneur, good for you—buy a yacht and hashtag it. Just be aware that the moment you trample on people to get what you want, or use unethical tactics to accomplish your entrepreneurial goals, you’re not an entrepreneur anymore.

Greediness has made you a tyrant.


In case you’ve never picked up a history book, tyrants are more than usually overthrown. Power-hungry individuals, or entrepreneur wannabes, should either check their attitudes or pursue a vocation other than entrepreneurship.


All that to say, being an entrepreneur is not about gaining as much power as possible or crushing everyone who gets in your way, it’s about positively affecting the world through innovative ideas that invigorate and excite people.  


It’s about having a clear vision, a level head and a passion for whatever you work toward—so much that money is never the motivation, rather the motivation lies within the innovation itself.

Appreciate you all,


It Works Body Wraps Reviews


It Works Body Wraps Reviews

The Flab Stops Here with It Works Body Wraps Reviews. We are going to take an inside look at It Works Body Wraps and give you an inside look at the company, products and opportunity at hand.

It Works opened it's new corporate headquarters in Palmetto, Fla. in June 2014. From starting in 2001, It works is now debt-free and expanding all over the world. They are currently in 16 countries and their website serves 8 languages.

The passion of Mark and Cindy Pentecost is to show you how to dream big and live life on your own terms, because they know that they have had those dreams too.

It Works Body Wraps Reviews - Products

It Works has a main product broken down to your body, greens, lifestyle and packs. Each category is unique to your overall health. Let's take a quick look at what each of them are, and then see the neat specials Debbie has going on right now.

The Ultimate Body Applicator is the core product of It Works. Debbie shares in her interview a target market that would use these applicators all the time. The defining gel and the fab wrap also go well in making sure that you get your best results in tightening your skin. It looks like all you do is leave it on for 45 minutes! Then do their suggestions for best results.

It Works Body Wraps Reviews - With Debbie Trombley

See more amazing specials and contact info when you read more:

Read more:


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